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About Us
Gujarati Samaj of Detroit (GSOD) was founded in 1975 and has become an icon in Michigan community. GSOD is one of the largest ethnic, cultural organizations in the entire mid west area. The goal of GSOD was to unite all Gujarati people under one roof and to promote and preserve our culture, heritage, language, social and cultural awareness and respect of Gujarat, India by providing a platform to Gujarati community while serving the community needs.

The activities developed steadily through the past 30+ years and have culminated in a strong and vibrant Gujarati cultural organization. The foundation of our Samaj is strong due to the hard work and dedication of our past and present Executive Committee and Board of Trustee leaders, volunteers, as well as the ongoing support from our Gujarati community. The commitment of its strong cohesive membership has never looked back.

Gujarati Samaj has served a number of activities and services to communities and youth organizations, cultural activities such as: Garba, Raas, Gujarati drama, lok sangeet, Gujarati classes and festival celebration such as, Holi, Navratri and Diwali. Gujarati Samaj also has helped raised and contributed funds towards the Gujarat Earthquake in 2001, Tsunami in 2004, Geetmala Foundation in 2005, and the recent floods in Gujarat. Gujarati Samaj is a very strong community with over 900 members, representing a total of over 2,500 people.Today, our goal remains to increase our membership, invest in the next generation--our youth, and to build a central location for Samaj to provide resources to our community……from our children to our senior citizens.

As we enter into the new century, we want to lead Gujarati Samaj to new technology by providing Internet edge, allowing our youth to participate with excitement and enthusiasm, who will proudly continue to carry our heritage.

With the help of every Gujarati member, our goals and dreams can be reality. We encourage each and every Gujarati family to participate in Gujarati Samaj by becoming a member and participate in its activities and help us grow.

Preserve Gujarati cultural and linguistic heritage through diversity and sense of belonging for the upcoming and future generations of the membership.
Preserve and promote Gujarati heritage by providing exposure and opportunity to the membership.

Core Values
1. Member driven- Membership defines what is needed. Strive to fulfill membership needs by creating a sense of belonging, counseling and networking to membership.
2. Diversity- Promote and maintain diversity in organization management of various committees, EC and BOT. Include various age groups and gender, to create a visible diversity representation of membership.
3. Integrity- Responsibility, Accountability, Honesty and Openness, Self respect and mutual dignity in dealing with one another. EC and BOT strive to meet and exceed the expectation of the membership.
4. Excel in what we do- Leadership and management strive for the best to serve membership thru teamwork, education and the recruitment of dedicated volunteers with a deep commitment to the mission. Leadership and management will reflect quality and excellence in performing all tasks.
5. Cultural and Education a priority- Major economic and non-economic resources will be allocated for these activities in order to strive for preservation of our heritage for future generations.
6. Voluntary Services- Recognize that all the work is performed by volunteers. Encourage volunteerism. Become a benchmark for Progressive and Volunteer driven organizations. Strive for excellence in communication and consensus building in any decision process, training and succession opportunity.

Year EC President BOT Chairman
1976   Mr. Ramesh Vashi --
1977   Mr. Jagdish Patel --
1978   Mr. Arun Bhavsar --
1979   Mr. Mukund Acharya --
1980   Mr. Arvind K. Patel --
1981   Late Mr. Subhash Patel Mr. Jagdish Patel
1982   Mr. Prahlad Patel Mr. Mahesh Desai
1983   Mr. Jeram Patel Mr. Natwarlal Shah
1984   Mr. Satish Mistry Mr. Prahlad Patel
1985   Late Mr. Subhash Patel
Mrs. Meena Bhavsar  
Dr. Chandrakant Pujara
1986   Dr. (Mrs.) Lopa Patel Mr. Jatin Desai
1987   Dr. (Mrs.) Mayuri Dave Mr. Ashok Thakkar
1988   Mr. Dipak Parikh Mr. Ashok Parikh
1989   Mr. Harish Jethwa Dr. Pankaj Dave
1990   Mr. Harish Jethwa Mr. Satish Lalaji
1991   Mr. Ashok Thakkar Mr. Jitubhai Patel
1992   Mr. Ashok Thakkar Dr. Velji Kanasara
1993   Mr. Satish Mistry Mr. Narayan Shah
1994   Mr. Ramesh N. Patel Mr. Jitendra Desai
1995   Dr. Atul Patel Mr. Ramesh N. Patel
1996   Mr. Hasmukh Patel Mrs. Mayuri Pathak
1997   Mr. Bharat Patel Dr. Atul Patel  
1998   Mr. Dhiru Patel Mr. Hasmukh L. Patel
1999   Mr. Ramesh S. Patel Mr. Bharat N. Patel
2000   Mr. Jitendra Amin Mr. Dhiru Patel
2001   Mr. Bhushan Modi Mr. Ramesh S. Patel
2002   Mr. Dilip Desai Mr. Jitu Amin
2003   Mr. Vikram Mehta Mr. Bhushan Modi
2004   Mr. Harendra Patel Mr. Dilip Desai
2005   Mr. Pratik Shah Mr. Vikram Mehta
2006 Mr. Mayank Parikh Mr. Harendra Patel  
2007 Mr. Rakesh Patel Mr. Bhavesh Joshi
2008 Mr. Ashiesh Tikewala Mr. Jatin Desai
2009 Mrs. Chandrika Patel Mr. Ashiesh Tikewala
2010 Mr. Darshan Parikh Mr. Hashmukh Patel
2011 Mr. Vipul Patel Mr. Raju Patel
2012 Mr. Vipul Patel Mr. Vinay Patel
2013 Mr. Bharat Patel Mr. Ramesh Patel
2014 Mr. Dipak Patel Mr. Ashok Thakkar
2015 Mr. Girish Patel Mr. Shailesh Jain
2016 Mr. Vinay Patel Mr. Raman Patel
2017 Mr. Sanjay Patel Mr. Jatin Desai

Aap Sahuno Khoob Khoob Aabhaar!


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